Wednesday, December 05, 2012

TV Pick: Revolution S01 E02-E03, The Walking Dead S03 E08, 666 Park Avenue S01 E09, Merlin S01 E01-E02

Revolution S01 E02 - Chained Heat

Revolution S01 E03 - No Quarter

~This is the last episode I watched for "Revolution", and to tell you frankly I am not sure I will continue watching this show. First I got bored big time and I don't think there's so much to wait for since I think there is no BIG secret to find.

The Walking Dead S03 E08 - Made to Suffer

~The Governor got what he deserve a stab on the eye...I know it sounds really painful. Anyway, her daughter died again, technically she is dead already so I must say her zombie persona expired already thanks to the black lady who helped Rick's group. They also retrieve Glenn and his girlfriend. The downside, Daryl was held captive and was put in danger together with his brother. Daryl's brother can die but I hope they get to save Daryl. We'll know what will happen in the next episode which is happening in February 2013. Ugh I got to wait that long!

666 Park Avenue S01 E09 - Hypnos

~As I've said before, "666 Park Avenue" is very interesting. I am so into this show. Every episode is a blast! Jane is finding more and more mysteries by each episode and in each one I get to enjoy it very much. For today's episode the guest is Whoopi Goldberg, she a medium. Whoopi hypnotized Jane to know what happened to her after she went down the spiral staircase. Now another mystery has been opened. Jane got helped with the cop who also helped her get out of the hospital. I hope Jane will find answers soon...

Now this new TV series that I am watching is so ME! "Merlin" is about magic, spells, incantations, dragons, witchcraft and magic. I love all these...

Merlin S01 E01 - The Dragon's Call

~As expected I didn't got bored, in fact I'm very fascinated with the magic and mysteries these show is presenting...I can't wait to watch more...

Merlin S01 E02 - Valiant

~Sorry my dear Cute-rs I find it difficult to grab a trailer for this episode. But nonetheless, I can assure you that this one is a good watch. I enjoy it still.

More to come on my next entries...ta da!


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