Sunday, December 09, 2012

Movie Pick: ParaNorman

Do you see dead people?

Two of my favorite quotes from "ParaNorman":

Norman Babcock: Mom...your are embarrassing me.
Sandra Babcock: That's my job.

Sandra Babcock: Not believing in the living dead is like not believing in astronomy...

Yesterday is movie day for me and my family, first we watched "ParaNorman". "ParaNorman" is a movie about a boy named Norman. Norman is not your typical boy who loves video games or hang out with friends. He is a different boy, why? He talks to dead people.

People from his town does not believe him and therefore they did not understand him. Even his family. For most people and in school he was known for being a freak.

Often when people does not understand something they tend to fear it.

Nearing the end, Norman was given a task by his Uncle which is so like him. He can see and talk to ghosts too. Norman was asked to break the witches' curse. But before he did that 7 Zombies came to life and people thought that these Zombies are out to get them.

Well, the villains are not the zombies actually, but it's the witch. This particular witch was burned in the middle of the town as a punishment because she can talk to ghosts and was accused of witchcraft. She was just like Norman.

At the end, Norman succeed. He talked to the witch, which was just a little girl about Norman's age, and send her to sleep and not to revenge again.

The story is not the best on it's own. The good thing, it's different. Not just an ordinary animated story for this time it's included in the horror genre.

I'm not super amazed but I was entertained. Fair enough for an afternoon movie spent with family.


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