Sunday, December 09, 2012

BF Clubhouse -- A Lil'Disappointing!

Last year was better than this year's Clubhouse...

Every year BF Resort's Clubhouse set up stalls which sells a lot of different things in time for the Yuletide. From there you'll be able to shop for clothes, toys, bags, accessories and foods. Tonight my hubby and I took a stroll at BF's Clubhouse. Since November I've been waiting to visit this place to look for things to see and buy. But to our dismay, our expectation was not met.

Last year's Christmas bazaar at the Clubhouse is way better than this year. I even bought a lot of stuff last year. But this year I didn't bought anything. Just this puto bumbong which I crave since last night.

In fairness, I did enjoyed my puto bumbong and so is my daughter.
Puto Bumbong is a Filipino delicacy that’s traditionally served during the Christmas season in the Philippines. It literally translates to steamed glutinous rice (puto) cooked in bamboo (bumbong)
First, there are stalls that are still empty, which is a sign of poor market flow in the area. Second, the ones I am looking for, which was here last year was not there anymore, like stuff's with better quality, more choices of food and array of items.

Ok, so maybe I am expecting too much. Well, I guess I am since last year I enjoyed Christmas Bazaar at the Clubhouse. I even went a few times last year.

And this year, maybe we'll come back one more time to check if the place and the stalls improve. I hope it does...



My hubby just said that we'll definitely come back at the Clubhouse to buy more puto bumbong...♡

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