Tuesday, November 27, 2012

TV Pick: The Walking Dead S03 E06, 666 Park Avenue S01 E08, True Blood S05 E01, Revolution S01 E01

The Walking Dead S03 E06 - Hounded

~Rick's mind is confusing him. Now he's talking to Lori on the phone. And the governor? He's up to something.

666 Park Avenue S01 E08 - What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

~What happened to Jane down at the spiral staircase?  The story is getting so exciting every episode. A must see T.V. series...

True Blood S05 E01 - Turn! Turn! Turn!

~I've watched True Blood Season 5 before but I forget where I stopped. And honestly I don't remember the story anymore. So I got to watch it again.

Revolution S01 E01 - Pilot

~What will happen to the world without electricity, back to basic is it? Revolution first episode started on the black out followed 15 years after. However, they are searching for something. A special device which I think can bring back electricity. At the end of the show it shows that the device is not the only.

~I am actually thinking if I'll watch Revolution continuously...I think I will.

Tonight I am looking for a new T.V. series to watch and I stumble upon Revolution. However I am not content with it, still looking for a good series to watch. With all the T.V. shows I'm currently watching I am still running out of shows to watch sometimes...LOL!

~Anyway, I hope all of you Cute-rs had a wonderful weekend! Until next time...

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