Thursday, November 08, 2012

TV Pick: The Vampire Diaries S04 E03, 666 Park Avenue S01 E06, Grimm S02 E08-E10

The Vampire Diaries S04, E03 - The Rager

~Elena definitely needs Damon's help. Oh why is that Damon is the one who figure things out. I only wish that Elena picked Damon.

666 Park Avenue S01, E06 - Diabolic

~The story is getting complicated. At this early, really? I wonder what will happen next...

Grimm S02 E08 - The Other Side

~Nick's girlfriend is having a difficult time. Oh did I say Captain Sean too? Oh yeah, he is trying very hard to control his feelings for Juliette.

Grimm S02 E09 - La Llorona

~Grimm introduces a new supernatural entity, a ghost. Well, it's not a bad call. It does fit.

Grimm S02, E10 - The Hour of Death

~Another Grimm in town?! Grimm is getting better in every episode. I'm glad I decided to follow this through...

By the way, I am religiously watching "Be Careful With My Heart" until now. It's the best local TV series there is. The story is very light, inspiring and full of love. Teehee...♥

~As per my update, I am having light days ahead of me while enjoying my favorite vice. I am also enjoying my extra time with ChefVille, a game I play in Facebook. I control a chef there, she cooks, gather ingredients, expand my lot and buy kitchen appliances. It's exciting! LOL!!!

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