Thursday, November 15, 2012

TV Pick: Supernatural S07 E19-E20, The Walking Dead S03 E05, 666 Park Avenue S01 E07

Supernatural S07 E19 – Of Grave Importance

~Bobby Singer is back...well as ghost that is...anyway the thing is he's back to help the boys! But the down part, Sam and Dean does not know. And they grieve for their loss....

Supernatural S07 E20 – The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo

~Sam and Dean are now aware that Bobby, although a ghost is back. They are happy but at the same time, they knew that it's not supposed to be...Now this lady is one sure as a hacker!

The Walking Dead S03 E05 - Say the Word

~So what does 'The Governor' hiding? Hmmm...her daughter became a walker/biter/zombie. I felt mixed emotions. I might do the same or not? I don't know, it's really difficult. And by the way, Rick need to snap out of his misery. He still has a son and a newborn baby girl that needs him so much!

666 Park Avenue - S01 E07 - Downward Spiral

~Jane is having thoughts of leaving New York! Jane is a child of The Drake...are you too?! Now I know why this episode is entitled Downward Spiral...I can't wait for episode 8.


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