Tuesday, November 06, 2012

TV Pick: 666 Park Avenue S01 E04-E05, Supernatural S07 E17-E18, The Walking Dead S03 E03-E04

‎My favorite vice!

666 Park Avenue S01 E04 - Hero Complex

~I'm already hooked on 666 Park Avenue. This TV series is full of mysteries. The action in every episode is not limited. You'll know they are up to more thrilling adventure. Supernatural 7×17 – The Born-Again Identity

Supernatural 7×18 – Party on, Garth

~Supernatural series, this is my filler. Dean and Sam are my companion.

666 Park Avenue S01 E05 - A Crowd of Demons

~A lot has happened to this episode, and I think a lot has changed too. Each characters has battle to face and has demon to fight. I just hope they win.

The Walking Dead S03, E03 - Walk With Me

~They have introduced new characters to this series. It may be the first time but I know they are up to no good. I became worried with the main characters in the story. What will happen to Rick's group?

The Walking Dead S03, E04 - Killer Within

~Now this is a shocker!
Because of someone else's action Rick's group faced a difficulty. One of them died. And Lori, she gave her life for the baby. I just can't imagine giving birth in ceasarian process without anesthesia! That one hell of a sacrifice.

~This has a great impact on Rick. What will become of him in the next episodes of The Walking Dead? As I read it somewhere, Lori has to die...but I wonder why?

For tonight I'm scheduled to watch The Vampire Diaries, I have 2 pending episodes.

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