Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sharon Cuneta apologized to Kris Aquino!

Please don't fall too easily on what you read...

Last Friday, a blogger Professional named Heckler wrote another one of his imaginary celebrity interviews with "Krissy."

 Sharon Cuneta reacted negatively to a "fake interview" in a blog and soon realizes it's fake and had to apologize to Kris Aquino.

In a fake interviews it said, "Krissy" was asked to comment on Cuneta, to which "Krissy" replied: "I don't follow her... Ayokong ma-stress aha-ha-ha But I follow KC."

But on Sharon Cuneta's official Twitter account, she told a follower, "'Yaan na natin. Di ko rin naman sya fina-follow ever. Sasakit ang ulo ko."

Kris then pointed  out the "krissy" was a parody.

Kris tweets, "I don't understand y u want to create animosity? It was the parody "krissy" who commented about (Sharon Cuneta),"

Kris also send a text message to Sharon stating that she didn't say anything bad about her.

"Tweeties, I've just received a text message from Kris Aquino. Apparently, some people are trying to create something really bad between us, and now I know it wasn't really Kris who sent that tweet about her not following me here on Twitter cos daw 'ayaw nya ma-stress,'" 

"This has taught me another important lesson: We should really be careful who we believe here on Twitter. There are lots of people pretending to be us artistas & we should make sure that we know who's talking before we react, especially if what we read hurts us. Sorry about that, Kris. And sorry, everyone. Thanks!," Sharon added.

~Mag-react agad-agad?!

~I learned that not all we read here on the Internet is true. But before judging someone or a write up or a post let us understand first what is the writers goal.


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