Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Sarah Wayne Callies talks about her difficult role as Lori in "The Walking Dead"

This is a shocker! Lori is dead...☹

After watching 'The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 4 - Killer Within' earlier today I am shocked. First Lori died in the process of giving birth, she chose to let her baby live. Second, a lot of turn-around has happened to almost every character.

In her pregnancy I am already thinking that she might not make it or the baby won't. In the end, Lori had to give up. Still, Lori's death has taken me by surprise.

Sarah Wayne Callies on Lori's death:  "Lori's death is very unique among the deaths we've had on The Walking Dead, because it's one that she's chosen. It's an interesting tone because it's not surrounded by quite the same level of crisis and panic, although she's clearly in a situation where things are going to go badly. The most important thing to her is that Rick (Andrew Lincoln) not see her as a walker. She all but says to Carl, ‘Take care of your daddy.'"

"Frank [Darabont] and I talked a lot about the necessity of Lori dying, and we fought about it. I had spoken to Frank about that at a certain point and he goes: 'I don't need to kill you.' And I said: 'With all due respect, sir, yes you do.' When I spoke to Glen [Mazzara] in November of last year, there was a different timeline. And when I talked with them in March, they had moved it to episode four. I don't know why. It felt like a whiny question [to ask]. All I said was: 'Yes, sir. Send me the script. I'll make it the best that I can.'"

 "It was pin-drop quiet the whole scene. We didn't close the set, the whole crew was there. There was a level of concentration and respect and focus from all 80 people who were there that was remarkable. It was also significant that the entire cast showed up. I finished the scene and I came out, and there was almost every single member of our cast that had just come to sit and watch and be there. It was difficult, I'll be honest. Chandler [Riggs] and I didn't really talk at all the week that we were shooting that because we couldn't really look at each other without losing it. I love that kid."

It is really a difficult time to say goodbye to her character. "There were a couple of things I said that weren't on the page. The great gift of the scene, to me, was that I got to say everything I wanted to say to him [Riggs] and to the show and the cast. People have asked: 'How does it feel to leave the show?' It's all there [in that scene]. I loved Lori. I love Lori. She's one of those characters that will live in my heart for a long. long time. I learned so much from her."

Lori's death means a lot for the show, especially for Rick. "I think it certainly says that Carl is a force to be reckoned with. It's very telling that Lori isn't worried about Carl. Her concern through that entire scene was Rick. Lori's death is about Rick. It's important for what happens to Rick later in the season that he replay that scene between the two of them at the end of episode two, over and over in his head and go, 'Why didn't I tell her I loved her? Why didn't I say 'I forgive you'? Why didn't I say 'I'm sorry?' And also how caring for a newborn changes the group. Lori's pregnancy made everything in the group more acute, because they couldn't run forever. And now there's this pressure to find a place to be safe."

How about the possibility of returning to the show in a different level.  "That kind of question has to do with, does it serve the story? I always thought that Lori's death does something to Rick, which is drive him crazy. In the comics, part of his madness is not being able to shake her. If that serves the story going forward, absolutely. At same time, we've taken so many departures, if they feel it'd be foolish for Rick to be seeing ghosts, I'm OK with that, too. To be honest, I haven't really thought past episode four, but the writers have. Anything that serves the story, I'm in."

~Despite the difficulty, Lori's death is the most meaningful of all. A life for a life...♥

~I also learned that many hate Lori's character in the story. For them, they annoy Rick and it's about time that she died.

~For me, it's rather difficult to let Lori go. What about the baby? What about Carl? The group has suffered too many loses. Now with the baby they became more docile. How's a family without the mother?

~Still the fight for survival continues...and more! I can't wait for The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 5...


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