Wednesday, November 21, 2012

NTC ordered Globe, Smart and Sun to give subscribers refund!

Well it's about time!

After the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) found out that the telecommunications company have been overcharging customers for text messages they are now ordered to give refund to their millions of subscribers.

The order is effective immediately, "These orders are immediately executory upon receipt, but the telcos have the right to appeal," according to Dennis Babaran, NTC legal director.

In an estimate, Smart Communications, affiliate Sun Cellular and Globe Telecom may have to return at least P1.42 billion to their subscribers.

The telecommunications company have been collecting 20 centavos more (P1 instead of 80 centavos) for each off-net text message and those sent from one network to another. However, Text messages between subscribers of the same network and those under unlimited or 'bucket-priced' offers are not covered by the order.

There are about  100.65 million subscirbers of Globe, Smart and Sun Cellular combined.

With NTC's move Globe said that they may end their bucket and combo promos and unlimited services.

What can you say Cute-rs?


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