Saturday, November 03, 2012

Movie Pick: The Healing

Do you believe in faith healing?

The Healing is a 2012 Filipino horror suspense film directed by Chito S. Roño, starring Vilma Santos and Kim Chiu. The film was released nationwide on July 25, 2012 and is a massive hit. The film is also part of the celebration of Santos' 50 years in showbusiness.

~"The Healing" is not scary as I though it was. I watched it with my mom and auntie at home. We watched it last Thursday, in the event of 'All Saint's Day'. I liked the movie, it's thrilling but the healing is a little over rated. I don't think that's how it really works.

I believe that faith healers work based on faith. And that's how it should be.

So how do you celebrate your Halloween Cute-rs? My family and I are not into trick or treat thing, On the 1st of November, we visited my father's grave and my grandparent's too. We brought them flowers and candles. We offered a short prayer for them and all of our departed relatives and friends.

Also, November 1 is my father's birthday.

At six in the evening we lit a candle for their repose souls.

Yesterday, on 'All Soul's Day' we had a simple feast at home with some close relatives and friends. We cooked a simple meal and spend time chatting and playing. It was a such a great memory.

The semestral break continues until tomorrow. My daughter enjoyed her vacation and on Monday it's back to school.

until next time,
-shaw  ღ

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