Friday, November 09, 2012

Hello Kitty in Costumes Part 2

Here are Hello Kitty in more different models. ♥

Hello Kitty Collection By Joseph Senior

Hello Star Wars Collection Kitties Series:

Hello Darth Kitty

Hello Snow Kitty

Hello Darth Maul Kitty

Hello Scout trooper Kitty

Hello Emperors Guard Kitty

Hello Storm Kitty

Hello Kitty Boushh

Hello Rebel Pilot Kitty

Hello Boba Kitty

Hello c3po

~They are just too adorable...this is the only Darthvader who's wearing a ribbon?! And did you see Darth Maul, amazingly cute!

The Avengers Kitties:

Hello Thor Kitty

Hello Loki Kitty

Hello Iron Kitty

Hello Captain Amerikitty
~I love Thor! I wonder what will the Hello Hulk Kitty will look like?!

Hello Web Kitties:

Hello Spidey

Hello Venom Kitty

Hello Star Trek Kitties:

Hello Kirk Kitty

Hello Spock Kitty

Hello Terk Kitty

~Woah! There are just too many cute Hello Kitty in costumes. See Part 3 of my entry. 'Till then...


Photos by yodaflicker
Joseph Senior

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