Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Have you tried Nestle Crunch Ice Cream Stick?

How was it Cute-rs?

Since ice cream bars are all the rage these days, I've been trying out different kinds. From Magnum to Cornetto and now to Nestle Crunch!

I bought one last night for Php36 from Mini Stop (but I heard it's cheaper in supermarket than in convenient stores at Php29 per stick) . My first reaction: It's too small!

Just one bite and the gooey chocolate syrup oozed out...Look!

Nestle Crunch Ice Cream has triple chocolate goodness: crispy Crunch outer shell, creamy chocolate ice cream, and a surprise choco fudge filling in the inside.

All-in-all the taste is good...it suits my ice cream craving!


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