Thursday, November 22, 2012

Free Movie at SM Cinema!

Registration starts now!

Hi Cute-rs just follow this simple guidelines to avail free movie pass from SM Cinema!

  • Like and Register at our e-PLUS Facebook Fan Page (
  • Click on the Free Movie App.
  • Choose your Cinema, Time and Movie
  • Print the confirmation email.
  • Surrender the printed confirmation email at your preferred SM Cinema branch for your free two tickets.

Registrations runs from November 22 to December 6.

The FREE MOVIE DAY event is a grand movie blow-out slated to happen this December 8, 2012 in all SM cinemas nationwide.

Free Movies are as follows:

1. House at the End of the Street

A mother and daughter move to a new town and find themselves living next door to a house where a young girl murdered her parents. When the daughter befriends the surviving son, she learns the story is far from over.

2. Stolen

A former thief frantically searches for his missing daughter, who has been kidnapped and locked in the trunk of a taxi.

3. Deadfall

A thriller that follows two siblings who decide to fend for themselves in the wake of a botched casino heist, and their unlikely reunion during another family's Thanksgiving celebration.

4. Step Up Revolution

Emily arrives in Miami with aspirations to become a professional dancer. She sparks with Sean, the leader of a dance crew whose neighborhood is threatened by Emily's father's development plans. 

5. Supremo

Manila, year 1896. The cry for independence from the tyranny of Spain peals louder than ever. Andres Bonifacio, leader of the rebel movement the Katipunan, leads his men to war. Though ill-equipped and untried in the field of battle, the Katipuneros launch an offensive against a vastly superior Spanish military.

6. Himala

Himala is the story of Elsa, a barrio lass whose visions of the Virgin Mary changed her life and caused a sensation hysteria in a poor, isolated village. The film is centered on the issues of religious faith and faithlessness.

7. Mga Kidnapper ni Ronie Lazaro

BEBOT, a former Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) has been down and out of luck after the Middle East crisis, that left him jobless and his family leaving him in the process. He hatches a plan with his loser friends from Quiapo --- PIPOY, a call center agent; BOY GEORGE, a camera repairman; ABDUL, a Muslim pirated DVD seller; HESUS, a prophet of doom; and HECTOR, a former stuntman who has grown fat because of the demise of action films --- to make an independent film of their own starring what to them is the most famous Filipino indie film actor nowadays especially with the sudden boom of indie films --- RONNIE LAZARO. However, things became complicated when RONNIE LAZARO decides to beg off from acting on their supposed indie film. They suddenly found themselves accidentally kidnapping RONNIE and holing him up at BEBOT’s old dilapidated place in Quiapo. What will happen now that they have the most famous indie actor in the Philippines? Will they be able to finish their film on time? Or will the kidnapping test their bond of friendship?


The title refers to the universal keyboard style used originally in typewriters, computers & cellphones. It is said that the original keyboard style is not the most functional of designs but to change all keyboards in the world is no longer possible due to its universal prevalence. Just like corruption in the police force. The movie QWERTY is based on a found story about a Youtube video that went viral last year that implicated some members of a Manila precinct. It captured on camera how some uniformed men had subjected a suspected drug pusher with cigarette burns as they tied his genitals with a string. This screenplay is a fictionalized account of a disgruntled cop, who has been wrongly implicated in a torture video that went viral. It begins on his last night of duty, as he is about to leave for abroad for better job prospects.

9. Ang Mga Aswang

ANG MGA ASWANG is a story which focuses on the lives of sisters Bebing and Randa who are victims of the social stigma in their community against “Aswang”. Ostracized from society, Bebing and Randa try to live their lives normally similar to any ordinary person and very contrary to what they are rumoured to be.
However, even separated from the people who judge them as monsters, there is still a part of them which wants to be extricated from this unjust judgement and live freely with the rest of the community

10. Tambara

Tambara is an adaptation of Macario Tiu’s Balyan, the 2005 1st Place winner for Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Award for Short Story Bisaya Division.

The story revolves around Lando, an elementary teacher who doesn’t believe in myths and asserts his modern sensibilities, and Datu Pikong, a tribal shaman who uses an imaginary cellphone to reach Apo Sandawa when someone wants to get healed from an ailment. 

Lando, being educated, has ceased to acknowledge the tribal beliefs and practices of the Indigenous Peoples. He accuses Datu Pikong of capitalizing on the superstitious belief of the townsfolk and is furious when he sees the shaman take offerings from the people.

Swept by his fury, Lando destroys the tambara (an altar for the deities) when he found it under a Balete tree. Unknowingly, Lando angered many diwatas who want to take his wife and baby as punishment for what he has done. Lando was forced to face circumstances which pushed him to desperately resort to the Balyan only to realize that not everything in this world can be spelled solely with the human knowledge. 

11. Duwaya

The story is about Amir Solaiman, a doctor, a father and a husband. On one of his medical missions, he got reunited with an old family friend and a distant relative, Hadji Usman. Amir paid the old man’s family a visit for old time’s sake and was crushed to see their condition. It is a Maranao tradition to always help relatives which is evident in their clannish nature.

Life drastically changed when the old man died. Amir, being the last person he spoke to has to honor the death wish. He was bequeathed to marry Samira – Hadji Usman’s only daughter. Torn by the responsibility of respecting an elder’s death wish, Amir sought permission from his wife and advice from a Shariah counsel.

Samira, agreed to marrying Amir after learning that the 1st wife, Nadja, consented to the marriage. Little did Nadja know that her decision will greatly affect her children and the dynamics of their once happy family. Much to Amir’s dismay, he thought he could provide justice to both wives and children.

Polygamy in Islam is allowed but it’s not always encouraged.

12. Anac ti Pating

“Anac Ti Pating” happens in one school year from June to March. Sixto Mangaoang is a Math wizard in Grade 5, he however also has the penchant for drawing and writing. For his English Class project, Sixto decides on writing a short story for children about a shark living in the forest in the Cordilleras. Sixto ‘comes-of-age’ in this school year, he develops a friendship with his neighbor, the retired Dr. Rayos, who encourages Sixto to strive hard to pursue his dreams. Sixto also befriends his Korean neighbor, a boy about the same age as he, despite their awkward first meeting. Sixto experiences first love. Sixto stands up to the school bully. Sixto discovers the truth about his birth.

13. Asin

A bitter curse sets off a collision course with the lives of two girls in a remote town in Iloilo. Ana, a young paltera (midwife), is forced to deliver a baby whose birth is cloaked in mystery. Lila, living in isolation with her mother, makes a dangerous journey across the mountains to buy salt from the nearest town. There, she unravels the dark horrible secret that doomed her to a life hidden from the world.

14. Huling Byahe

Two aging couples, a linear film editor (Noel Trinidad) and an ex-dubber (Tessie Tomas), part ways at the twilight of their years to see what's missing in their lives. The woman finds comfort in a school janitor (Ronnie Lazaro) who she sees as having a parallelism to her life. The man, in attending his high school reunion, gets an interest in a 20 year old barrio lass who is the daughter of his bestfriend (Jun Urbano). The film, which stars the members of the 80s defunct gag show "Champoy", is also a tribute to the last days of linear editing in the Philippines and the men and women who once work in this department of the film industry. 

15. Limang Dipang Tao

13 individuals, 13 lives. Based on the song of Ryan Cayabyab, of the same title, this film talks about the different conflicts and realities of the Filipino individual. 

16. Genghis Khan

Restored 1950 film Genghis Khan by Manuel Conde
Tagalog dialogues and english voiceover
“Genghis Khan” tells the story of Temujin (Conde, who also wrote and directed), a young Mongol prince who takes part in a series of challenges against rival tribes for land rights. Under the auspices of Burchou (Lou Salvador) and his beautiful daughter, Lei Hai (Elvira Reyes), Temujin uses his wits to prevail against larger, stronger opponents to emerge victorious. 

Unknown to any of the participants, Burchou’s advisor had arranged for his lord’s forces to massacre all the rival tribal leaders at that evening’s celebratory feast. Temujin barely escapes with his life, and makes his way home to find his village destroyed and his mother near death. 

Instilled with a desire for revenge, the young prince begins spreading the word of Burchou’s treachery, forging alliances and building a power base that will culminate with him ascending to the position of Genghis Khan.

Regular screening will resume the next day.


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