Sunday, November 11, 2012

ChefVille: Watch out for Cranberry bushes! (plus Quests)

Watch out for Cranberry Bushes when they start randomly spawning on our land. These Cranberry Bushes are much like Wild Onions or Mushrooms, in that they seem to grow and spread at random.

In an upcoming event, The Thanksgiving it will require dozens of these Cranberries, which is why we're being given a chance to collect them now.

Each Cranberry Bush can be harvested four times, with no waiting time between each harvest, but remember: if you get rid of all of your Cranberry Bushes right now, you might need to wait quite some time before more will randomly appear on your land. So go easy on picking cranberry ok Cute-rs.

By the way, have you finished your quests on ChefVille?

I still have two outstanding quests they are the Salad Slinger from the "Mayo Mania" Quest and the French Lessons from the "Classic French Cuisine" Quest.

First is the "Mayo Mania" Quest.

The Mayonnaise Dispenser is introduced by Ginger via a set of two "Mayo Mania" quests that concentrate on not only the building of the Dispenser, but also the cooking of some appropriate dishes.

So Much Salad
Place and Finish the Mayonnaise Dispenser
Harvest Mayonnaise Dispenser 4 Times
Make 2 Macaroni Salads

Salad Slinger
Serve 6 Stay-at-the-Waldorf Salads
Provide 12 Chef's Services with Stay-at-the-Waldorf Salads
Get 10 Leaflets

~Currently, I am still cooking the 2nd Stay-at-the-Waldorf Salads and hopefully finish after 4 16 hours of cooking (jeez that is long). But I am done giving 12 chef's service and acquiring 10 leaflets.

The second quest and probably one of the longest I've done so far is the "Classic French Cuisine" Quest.

French Lesson! (Classic French Cuisine 1 of 4)
Collect 2 more eggs frm the Chicken Coop
Serve 3 Quiche Barbara on the Broiler
Have 188 Mastery Stars to unlock the Deep Fryer

~The thing is I'm having a difficult time reaching the 188 Mastery Stars, I still need 9 more...then I can proceed with the 2, 3 and 4.

French Fried (Classic French Cuisine 2 of 4)
Place and build a Deep Fryer
Craft 1 Batch of Beef Broth on the Broth Pot
Cook 1 Beef Croquettes on the Deep Fryer

Risque Bisque (Classic French Cuisine 3 of 4)
Serve 1 Beef Croquettes
Gather 2 wild onions
Give 3 Chef's Services with Wild Onion Bisque (Soup Station)

Finale Francaise! (Classic French Cuisine 4 of 4)
Get 12 Scalloped Smarts (Ask friends)
Have Oven Intermediate (Available at 227 Masteries)
Have 1 Mastery Star for Scalloped Potatoes (Oven)

~I know I still have a very long way to go...I'm not even done with the first quest of Classic French Cuisine... But no worry, I'm willing to wait and work it all out.


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