Sunday, November 11, 2012

ChefVille: My favorite game in Facebook!

~Oh I love cooking game!

ChefVille is a game that I love to play in Facebook. It's brought to us by Zynga. The concept of this game is to cook meals, earn mastery stars, coins, expand your lot, buy stuff you place and more.

Mastery stars are earned when you cook meals for a certain number of times.

Here are some tips:

1. If you want to collect one Mastery Star, you will need to prepare a particular dish several times.

2. To see which dish has earned a star, just click on any Cooking Station (grill, BBQ etc.) and hover your mouse over each dish item below.

3. You will also notice the number of hours/seconds/minutes it takes to cook a particular dish. To your right you will notice the name of the dish, the number of servings required to earn the next star, total number of the servings and coins.

4. To check the total number of mastery stars earned, place your cursor over the star icon at the top-right corner of the main game screen. To check how many stars your neighbors have earned, just take a look at your neighbor’s profile page below. At the bottom of the profile picture, you will see the total Mastery Star earned.

You earn coins by the number of customer who eat in your restaurant. Also there are means to get coins.

How to get extra coins:

1. When the waiter serves customers, you get only 3 coins.

2. When you serve customers you get the 3 coins, plus 20 extra coins and an XP point, meaning you get roughly 8x the number of coins for each dish served.

3. Normally its worth saving your energy for harvesting ingredients, but if you need to raise some quick cash then this is a good method.

At the beginning of this game you are given a small lot a few items to work on. Your goal is to expand your lot, buy the expansions with coins, mastery star and recommendation.

You will earn  recommendation from your customers if you give them one rose after they eat in your restaurant.

All your actions will need one energy. Here are some tips on how to earn energy.

1. Visiting ChefVille Friends- You can visit friends by clicking on their picture at the bottom of your screen. You will receive 3 energy when you visit your neighbor for the first time and 1 energy thereafter. You can do this for a maximum of 25 Energy every 24 hours.

2. Waiting- You can simply just wait 5 Minutes for 1 energy. As long as your Energy bar is not full your Energy will slowly replenish over time. (12 Energy Per Hour)

3. Energy Pack (+1 Energy)- Friends can gift you with energy packs. When you visit and help a friend's restaurant they can accept your help and then have an option to send you an energy pack.You can use these Energy Packs in your inventory.

4. Friends Can Share Energy- After completing quests, ChefVille players will have the option to share free energy on their Facebook wall. Check the Facebook walls of your ChefVille friends to get some free energy.

5. Leveling Up- Getting enough XP will allow you to gain a level. Each Level Up gives you full energy and increases the maximum amount of energy you can hold.

6. Buying Energy- As a last resort, you have the option of buying energy when you run out of it. This will require Cash then you can buy with real money.

One of your main goal is to level your game up. By leveling you'll gain access to more kitchen appliance and furniture.

In order to level up you need to earn experience points by means of cooking and gathering ingredients.

Quest in one of the best feature of this game, it makes the game more alive and interactive.

Chefs need to fulfill and accomplish all that are needed to finish a quest. The requirements may vary from cooking a meal, visiting a neighbor's place and do some stuff, gather ingredients, post some help on your wall for other chefs to click or serve food to customers. When you do all this you'll earn a reward.

Oh and by the way, you'll receive help from other chefs too.

Other players may visit your place and give you a hand by gathering ingredients for you. By this, you'll save 5 energy each. But just the same, you can help others too by visiting their place.

I also mentioned that ChefVille is interactive too, in certain quests/items/appliance you will need the help of your friends. You will send them an invite to join you in finishing such task like a job. All they have to do is click on your request. And in return, when they ask for your help you may want to click on their request too.

And of course, you can dress your chef too...

For the next update on ChefVille, I'll try to help you Cute-rs with some quests information and what's to come...

Until then, I hope you enjoy this game as much as I do!

All the best,

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