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ChefVille Characters

Come Cute-rs meet characters in ChefVille!

This is Madeline, Madeline is a French chef in ChefVille and also is the "mascot" of ChefVille.

She is the first character to welcome the player (or in her point of view, the 'new chef') and show the player the basic (of the game) and then you get to open your new restaurant after naming it (this is optional and you can change your restaurant's name anytime). Madeline will be also your first neighbor in the game (however, she does not count as a neighbor for most of the future goals given by other NPCs).

Finish all her quests and you'll earn trophy...

The second character you'll meet in ChefVille is Chef Bello Panini.

Bello Panini is an Italian chef in ChefVille. He gives goals to the player with much of the tasks requires cooking dishes on different cooking stations and also requires the players to visit or get help from his/her facebook friends.

Much later in the game; Chef Bello will randomly or temporary be absent from the game.

Next, meet Ginger!

Ginger is an "ingredient gather" and a friend of Chef Madeline in Chefville.

She knows all the sources of the best ingredients and is usually helpful to the players by giving them goals to unlock something to get the ingredients or rewards the players with an ingredient. Ginger seem to be always cheerful and always call the players with nicknames related to flowers.

For ChefVille's first Halloween; Ginger will be the one who will give out Halloween goals and is the first character to have a different appearance (she now wears a witch costume) in the game.

Rock is an Australian guy with a shovel that shows up randomly when the player is level 14 or 15 in ChefVille. He seem to be sort of in change of creating and selling expansions around ChefVille along the ones that are given though completing certain goals

Rock is also the one who give time limited goals related to ChefVille's "25th Country Fair".

The next character is Colby Sharpe.

Colby Sharpe is an engineer in ChefVille. He first appeared when the player have completed Chef Madeline's From Soup to Salad goal part 4 goal, Comforts of Home! with his own goal, Salad Station Superstar! which one of 2 parts of Elevate Your Equipment! goal.

Later in the game; Colby will team up with Chef Madeline (after the players unlock the Salad Station) by having his goals to be similar or to help complete Madeline's goals.

Occasionally. his goals will also help the players with Chef Bello's goals that are related to using the Soup Station to complete the goals.

Colby in his werewolf costume in ChefVille.

Meet Marie

Marie is a character from FarmVille 2 and is the first cross-promotion character on ChefVille. Most of her goals requires the chefs (the players) to play and level up on FarmVille 2 in order to complete them.

Of course the special guests characters in ChefVille.

Robert Irvine is a celebrity chef in real life who has appeared in variety of shows on Food Network and owns two restaurants, Robert Irvine's Eat! in Hilton Head Island and Robert Irvine's Nosh in Bluffton which are both located in South Carolina.

On September 19, 2012 as Chefville's first official (in-game) event; Chef Robert Irvine will suddenly appear at the players' restaurants and will ask you (the players) to complete his limited time goals to receive exclusive rewards.

And then there's Jamie Oliver!

James Trevor "Jamie" Oliver, MBE, is a British chef, restaurateur, and a celebrity known for his food-focused TV shows on U.K. Channel 4 and U.K. Food Network channel, cookbooks, and his most recent campaign against the use of processed foods in national schools in real life.

On November 1, 2012 as Chefville's second official (in-game) event; Jamie Oliver will suddenly appear at the players' restaurants and will ask you (the players) to complete his limited time goals while also giving the players a free Container Garden. If you upgraded the Container Garden; Jamie will reward the player(s) with an exclusive Jamie Oliver apron.

This is Maria. A new character name as “Maria” is just arriving soon to help you in the cooking world. After waiting few days a new character is arriving and you will get more stuff soon in the chefville.  The New character will serve more in the new Mexican theme just arrives and there is a scoop to get more help. So check the look of your new character “Maria” and Press Share button to tell your neighbours.

ALL of the mission details to expand to her plot that will give you access to a NEW garden!

Veggie Garden Grande 1 of 3 – “South of the Border”

Task 1: Craft 2 Corn Tortillas on Bread Maker!
Task 2: Collect 3 more Eggs
Task 3: Collect 2 Avocado
Veggie Garden Grande 2 of 3 – “The Familia Farm!”

Task 1: Tend 20 Mushrooms at a neighbor’s restaurant
Task 2: Cook 10 Wild Mushroom Salads
Task 3: Have 274 Mastery Stars
Veggie Garden Grande 3 of 3 – “Expand Your Veggies!”

Task 1: Expand to Veggie Garden area
Task 2: Collect 9 Yellow Bell Pepper from the Pepper Planter
Task 3: Collect 6 Kidney Bean from the Case Wagon

And this is Marine Pike, the newest addition to the ChefVille family. A mysterious stranger-looking cowboy came to town …

Foreign seaman 1 of 3

“Hey! I really thought seeing a shark fin near the coast, next to the fishing pier … but I just had to have a dust in the eye. “

Visit 10 neighbors to follow the shark
9 Prepare gnocchi dishes to cook shark
305 stars have control to unlock the fishing pier
Foreign seaman 2 of 3

“You know, this place seems as perfect as sea fisherman. I think I myself will anchor here … for a little while. I thought rent this fisherman’s hut, to get a view of the sea “

Unlock Zone Fishing pier
Complete the fisherman’s hut
Prepare prawns 4 times
Foreign seaman 3 of 3

“I spent the day fishing. Ah, the sea gives me wings, you know? And the crew is not that bad.However, we are hungry. Can you cook the catch of the day? “

Have 1 star mastery for kung pao shrimp
Serve three vegetarian cakes breads prepared in the brick oven
Have 315 stars to unlock the Master crab creek

Oppsss...let us not forget The Waiter...

Sorry about the scrappy image of my waiter...anyway he's such a great help in your restaurant. He serves food to customers (of course that's what waiters do!).

To top it all, I love them all, they give help and life to my ChefVille world!


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