Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Anne Curtis worried about her moles!

The popular and beautiful actress Anne Curtis had to undergo annual tests to ascertain she is clear of cancer, according to celebrity dermatologist Vicki Belo.

Vicki Belo, celebrity dermatologist, suggest Anne to have her annual test for her moles. "[Anne] has so many moles, so we have to watch out for that," 

"Because of her being half-Australian and the incidence of cancer in Australia being quite high, we monitor her moles and make sure that they're all healthy, and that nothing's happening to her. That's what we do every year. We examine her moles," 

And as a result, "It's not cancerous. We want to give a little lesson here: the bigger the mole, and the more mataba it is, and the more even the color, the less dangerous,"

"Actually, it's the flat ones, that's not round [that may be cancerous]. If it changes shape, or it's two-color, like brown and black, those are the ones you have to watch out for," 

Anne expresses her relief for the result of the test. "Praise God! Kasi they are in places that people know where they are, like my face, my mole on my chest. So talagang as they get bigger kasi, you tend to get curious na baka it can get cancerous, especially if you get exposed a lot to the sun," 

~Good for Anne!


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