Thursday, November 15, 2012

"Amalayer" Video goes viral!

"Amalayer, amalayer, amalayer" - Paula Salvosa

Paula Salvosa, the woman in this video, went ballistic at the LRT Santolan Station Tuesday after she failed to put her bag on the conveyor of the X-ray machine for security check.

Salvosa, who was really pissed,  demanded an apology from the lady guard. The lady guard already said "Sorry po. Sorry.” But Salvosa want it in a more proper manner. Salvosa said, “If I say sorry, I say, “Sorry ate, sorry. Tanggap mo ‘yon?

Salvosa was complaining about the way she was allegedly treated by the lady guard.

Salvosa said in a loud voice: “So now you’re making me look like a liar. So I’m, a liar? So you’re telling me I’m a liar? I’m a liar? I’m a liar?”

Then she shouted: “I’m a liar? Answer me!”

The video also showed how the lady guard displayed the right attitude in spite of the embarrassment she got from the irate passenger.

*The term “amalayer”, was derived from the phrase “I’m a liar” which was repeatedly shouted by Salvosa. And this is how  “amalayer” goes viral.

Netizens has split opinion, some say there can be no basis for anyone to be that disrespectful while others commented that the guard could have done something that offended the passenger.

In my opinion, Paula Salvosa went over board. It could have been resolved easily with simple conversation without the outburst of anger. Tsk tsk tsk...people!

I once heard from a man..."Tao na nga hindi pa magpaka-tao"



apple said...

#Amalayer is still trending in Philippine twitter.
She also said that she's an educated person, but the way she speaks and treat people that has authority is saying that she's not! What happened to our society?? >.<

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ShawCute said...

I can't agree more...what is happening to people...really?!

joiz said...

This happens, malas lang ni Amalayer she was caught on cam. People get so stressed and become rude and snap at the very first person who makes a wrong move. As for the security guards naman, sometimes naman kasi wala sa lugar or bastos manita...ayun, natapatan ng mainit ang ulo.