Thursday, October 04, 2012

"Walang Hanggan" will introduce 4 more new characters...

Ciara Sotto, Sheryl Cruz, Mark Gil and Melissa Mendez will join "Walang Hanggan"

"Walang Hanggan" is now on it's last 3 weeks, the tension is growing as well as characters of the story.  There is no confirmation yet about these four new characters but for sure they will add spice to our nightly dose of "Walang Hanggan". Will they be playing an existing character or a new one no one can say.

However, Ciaria Sotto, Sheryl Cruz, Mark Gil and Melissa Mendez' characters will be crucial to the story of "Walang Hanggan".

As for these new characters, it's been speculated that they will tackle the story of Manang Henya and Margaret when they are still young in the person of Ciarra Sotto and Sheryl Cruz, but we'll all see...

Don't forget to catch "Walang Hanggan" Mondays to Fridays after "Princess and I" in ABS-CBN's Prime Time Bida.


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