Friday, October 12, 2012

TV Pick: The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 1 - Growing Pains

The Vampire Diaries is back!!!♥

Tonight I got to watch "The Vampire Diaries" Season 4 Episode 1 with title 'Growing Pains'.

Elena learned that she died and technically alive again. At the end of Season 3, Elena and Matt had a vehicular accident caused by Rebecca. In the process Stefan saved Matt first as per Elena's wishes. As Stefan is going back to Elena, she's dead.

Before the incident, Elena was treated with Damon's blood by Dr. Meredith Fell. And we all know what will happen with someone who has vampire's blood then died. Yes, they become a vampire.

So, Elena became a vampire. In Elena's transition she have 2 choices. Door number one, she drinks human blood within 24 hours to complete her transition. Or Door number 2, she don't drink human blood then she dies. There is no door number three (just like Damon said).

Bonnie, Elena's best friend, looked for a way to save her friend from becoming a vampire in the hope of getting her back from other side. In the latter, she failed.

The council of Mystic Falls is taking over the town. All those who are related to vampires are kicked out of service like Caroline's mother. Vampires are held captive, they are Rebecca, Stefan and Elena. Caroline on the other hand is saved by Tyler, who's not actually Tyler but Klaus. Meaning, Klaus was inside Tyler's body.

Before the day ends, Rebecca and Stefan helped Elena drink human blood so she won't die. It was a success. The transition's complete. Elena is now a vampire, officially that is.

Of course Damon is there to the rescue. I knew Damon will come to Elena's aid, as always, as he always does. ♥ Damon also expresses his anger to Matt. He despised Matt that he was alive while Elena dies...then became a vampire.

In one scene, Elena told Damon that in her transition all her erased memories came back. She knew right then that Damon is the one she met first. Damon on the other hand always wanted a life for Elena. A life which she grows old and experience the true meaning of life, unlike him.

That is true love, Damon being selfless for Elena. ♥

One of the last scene showed that Klaus is back on his old body, and he and Rebecca had a fight. This is after Bonnie did black magic again, which she was not supposed to do anymore. Bonnie's grandmother told her not to use black magic or else there will be bad consequences. The scene ended with Bonnie crying badly as she saw her grandmother suffer because she used black magic in bringing Klaus back in his body.

Episode one ended with Elena and Stefan talking on top of the roof. Stefan gave Elena her Daylight Ring, spell casted by Bonnie of course.

I felt a kind of sadness as Elena chose Stefan over Damon. What I am waiting now is Elena's change of heart. I know she will...eventually.

"The Vampire Diaries" Season 4 Episode 2 is coming next week, Oct. 18, 2012.


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