Thursday, October 18, 2012

TV Pick: Grimm S02 E01-04

Detective Nick is back, along with his girlfriend, Juliette, partner, Hank, friend the blutbad, Monroe and his mother.

Grimm season 2 started on the last story it left off from season 1. Nick's girlfriend, Juliette fell into a coma after a cat-scratched which was owned by a witch. An enemy of Nick of course. After Juliette was given a potion, the royal prince must kiss her. Captain Sean Renard is actually the prince. And so the prince kissed the princess, Juliette woke up from coma.

All is almost well, until all of Juliette's memory of Nick has been erased. She remembers all but not Nick. ☹

Oh and by the way, Nick's mom is not dead. She is in hiding while on a mission all these years. Hunting the man who killed her husband. In the expense of leaving Nick and pretending to be dead.

Nick finally opened up to Hank, which is a good move since Hank almost lost it. He thought he was going crazy. And upon learning and hearing all the stories from Nick about Grimm, blutbad and more he calmed down and accepted that it was alright. ~I guess it's best to know what you are fighting with in the first place than getting shocked all the time!

And so the fight for monsters and alike continues.

Another day and night filled with my favorite vice!

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