Saturday, October 06, 2012

TV Pick: Fringe S03 E07-E09

Fringe Division is on!

Fringe Season 3, Episode 07 – The Abducted

On the Other Side, Olivia tries to handle a series of kidnappings with connections to Colonel Broyles, while turning to a hidden ally to find a way back home.

~Oh my, Olivia is in deep trouble!

Fringe Season 3, Episode 08 – Entrada

Olivia tries to find an ally to help her, while a device allowing communication between the two worlds is uncovered. Meanwhile, Peter tries to deal with recent revelations about the world-destroying device and Olivia’s true identity

~And Olivia is finally back! Whew!!! Fringe Team is back...ッ

Fringe Season 3, Episode 09 – Marionette

While the Fringe team investigate the case of a man who had his heart extracted, Peter deals with the revelation of who he’s been dating for the last few months.

~Olivia is jealous of the other Olivia. Well, she is the other Olivia and Peter had a romantic relationship after they came back from the other side.

As for update for today, all I can say is that I'm happy, I hope you are too Cute-rs...

My week is very much ok, work is great, I finished on time. Had fun last Tuesday with my family. In totality, All is well.

Until tomorrow my dearie...


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