Friday, October 05, 2012

TV Pick: Fringe S03 E04-E06

It's another Fringe night...

Fringe Season 3, Episode 04 – Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?

Newton activates a “sleeper” shapeshifter agent, and Fringe Division’s investigation of the case leads to Massive Dynamic.

~even monsters develop feelings...hmmm...I believe so

Fringe Season 3, Episode 05 – Amber 31422

On the Other Side, a man sets out to free his twin brother from an amber quarantine zone. Meanwhile, Walternate begins the experiments to duplicate Olivia’s ability to transition safely between worlds.

~Slowly Olivia is getting her grip back on who she really is. Thanks to Peter's non-stop lingering...I think she might be in trouble next...

Fringe Season 3, Episode 06 – 6955 kHz

On This Side, 15 people across the Eastern Seaboard suffer amnesia after hearing the same radio frequency, and the Fringe team is called in. Meanwhile, Peter continues to work on the Other Side’s mass-destruction weapon and pursue his relationship with “Olivia,” unaware of who she truly is.

~It's obvious that Dr. Bishop is afraid of something. Something that might take effect after they find all the pieces of the devices together.

On the other side, I hope Olivia finds her way home. I wonder who might be able to help her.

In my day-to-day update I want to share with you Cute-rs that I'm not happy with my trainee. She's slow and lacks common sense. I expected that she might be of help but I am guessing it's a long way shot. How far will I go I don't know. But for sure she ain't going anywhere far.


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