Wednesday, October 03, 2012

TV Pick: Fringe S03 E01-E03

Oh Olivia...

Fringe Season 3, Episode 01 – Olivia

Olivia, captured on “the other side,” attempts to escape and return to her home world. However, the other side’s Walter has other plans, and Olivia soon discovers that she must face a threat from within.

~what will happen if the real Olivia forgot who she really was? This is really getting complicated...

Fringe Season 3, Episode 02 – The Box

The “real” Earth’s Fringe team investigates people who have been put into an unbreakable trance by a mysterious box. Meanwhile, Walter and Nina attend the reading of the last will and testament of William Bell.

~whoa! Dr. Bishop became an instant Millionaire, thanks to his friend, William Bell.

Fringe Season 3, Episode 03 – The Plateau

Inconsequential acts lead to deadly consequences, and the Fringe Division investigates while Olivia deals with a sinister vision. Meanwhile, Secretary Bishop reveals his plan for Olivia to her commander, Colonel Broyles.

~Too much intelligence is dangerous. Yeah, it's been shown to different movies and TV series before. But I still believe it has something to do with attitude and the person itself. If it falls to the wrong person then it is dangerous but not to everyone.

~I wonder when will Olivia snaps back to reality. I guess it will be sooner...

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