Friday, October 19, 2012

TV Pick: 666 Park Avenue S01 E01-E03

Another mysteries to solve, thrilling scenes, and hair-raising events all happening in...

‎666 Park Avenue S01, E01 - Pilot

‎666 Park Avenue S01, E02 - Murmurations

‎666 Park Avenue S01, E03 - The Dead Don't Stay Dead

~The first time I laid my eyes on the title only of this TV series I knew I will like this. And so I'm right, I had a 3 episode marathon of "666 Park Avenue" and I liked it. The Drake holds a very big mystery which involves something nasty. It kept a lot of secrets that are waiting to be unfold.

As a tenant, people are living their life to fulfill  their dreams. But they are also in for a struggle between good vs. evil.

I will definitely add this to my watch list! I suggest you Cute-rs take a look at "666 Park Avenue" it's a must-see...


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