Saturday, October 13, 2012

Thief Apologize for Stealing a Bike!

...and left $10 for a new lock.

Paul Gilmore
So what can I say a good remorse and sincere apology. How's that for a thief? Read below Cute-rs:

Paul Gilmore the owner of the bike was surprise to know that the police have actually found his stolen bike. But what's even more surprising was the thief's handwritten apology note that came along with it plus $10. ~well, well what do we know!

The police brought back the bike to Paul undamaged. As per the thief's advice, he bought a new U-Lock for his returned bike.

At the end of the day, Paul had nothing against the thief but to forgive him. "I have no choice but to forgive this guy. It's just such a bizarre mix. He's obviously got issues and he's going to work through it, and he'll get his help now. The whole change of heart this guy had is really interesting."

~Yeah, I agree. Interesting...I do hope this guy gets the help he needs.


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