Thursday, October 11, 2012

"Secret Affair" is different from "No Other Woman"

Starring Andi Eigenmann, Anne Curtis and Derek Ramsay.

In an interview with Anne Curtis she talks about this new project and how it's different from the old movie which she did with Christine Reyes and Derek Ramsay "No Other Woman". “It’s different from ‘No Other Woman’ kasi iyon medyo mature eh. Ang tina-tackle ay married life na. Ito young pa rin eh. Ina-assume kasi nila from the trailer pero you have to watch it kasi to know the story,”

She also said that VIVA asked what project she wanted to do and she wants this. “They gave me so many scripts first before I decided na ito 'yung gusto kong gawin. VIVA naman are like that eh. Sabi ko gusto ko ito,”

“I’m super duper excited. Kasi you know, when you’re doing film, you don’t know what to expect. It’s only when you get to dub, doon ka mae-excite na parang ito na siya, nabubuo na pakonti-konti. After dubbing the first three parts, sobra na akong excited talaga na mapalabas siya. Malapit na,”

Watch Official Trailer here:

 "Secret Affair" is slated to open by October 24, 2012 nationwide.


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