Monday, October 29, 2012

Movie Pick: A Tale of Two Sisters

"Every family has a dark secret"


Su-mi and Su-yeon return home after an extended hospital stay. Things have not been the same since their mother passed away. Their return is welcomed by their stepmother Eun-joo. Su-mi, the older and stronger of the two, isnt afraid to speak her mind, Su-yeon is more timid and wary of their stepmother and looks to Su-mi for help. Continually picked on and harassed by their stepmother, the two have no choice but to endure the relationship for their fathers sake. Su-mi promises Su-yeon that she will never let their stepmother beat them again. Unexplainable things start to occur at the house. Could it be their stepmother trying to torment them, or is a more sinister supernatural force at work?

Since it's almost Halloween my family and I are looking for scary movies to watch. This is the first movie that came to mind. I'm so excited before this movie starts, 'coz I've been hearing comments about this film.

True enough that "A Tale of Two Sisters" is creepy and scary. I'm just a little disappointed of how slow the movie goes.

"A Tale of Two Sisters" is a Koren movie with an American version "The Uninvited". I have seen both.

Nothing beats the way this scare people, want to know what I mean, watch it!


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