Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Melissa Joan Hart Bundle of Joys!

‘I’m surrounded by four handsome men!’ -- Melissa

After a month of giving birth, Melissa Joan Hart showed us her picture with her 3 sons. That new baby boy there is  Tucker McFadden Wilkerson, he weighed in at 8 lbs., 5 oz. There there are Mason, 6, and Braydon, 4 too.

Melissa shares her experienced being a mother,  "There is no easy way to bring a baby into this world,"

"This birth was very exciting though because my husband actually delivered Tucker from head to toe, and then placed him on my chest. It was great."

 "When our first, Mason, was born, Mark swore he would never cut the umbilical cord,"

He was like: 'I cannot do that. I will pass out.' And then after witnessing all I went through with the labor, he was more than happy to take the scissors and make that cut. So then with our second son, Braydon, it was the same doctor as the first. Once she delivered the baby's head, she let Mark pretty much pull the baby out and place him on me. So that was a lovely moment. I shared both stories with my new doctor, so this time she made him put on full scrubs and let him do the whole thing. I didn't even realize it was happening really. He told me the next day."

Melissa is just so proud of his new boy,"He has a huge head of hair, which is very dark. In the hospital nursery the night he was born they combed it into a Mohawk. It stands up off his head about an inch and a half. It's so much of his personality."

"He's a Mini-Me version of his father," "He looks like the other two boys, but really he just looks exactly like his dad. I'm very lucky. I'm surrounded by four handsome, handsome men."

Read on Tucker's birth story here.

What a lovely family! All the best for Melissa Joan Hart's family ッ


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