Thursday, October 04, 2012

Kidnapping Hoax on Twitter

This is bad!

Meet Kara Alongi, a 16-year old girl from New Jersey who faked her own kidnapping using twitter. She tweets,

34,000 twitter users re-tweet this message to raise awareness of the situation. A hashtag #HelpFindKara trended globally to help Kara. 6,000 concerned citizens even called the local police to help Kara.

After almost 48 hours she returned safely home and realized the kidnapping is only a hoax!

Those who knew about the incident on twitter said,
Wrong move there Kara Alongi. People tried to help someone who they thought was really in trouble. Only to find out, it's a fake. -- that is so sickening...

What if there's really trouble and someone asked help on twitter will people still believe it? Some probably will not believe it anymore.

Weather this is a joke or something is really wrong with Kara and her family we don't know. But if this a joke, then this is a sick one.

Kara must face consequences with regard to her wrong doing. This is all wrong and 34,000 people was deceived by her. 


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