Wednesday, October 03, 2012

J. Co Donuts -- Is so Yummy!

J. Co Sharing the J. Co way...

The line was long on J. Co Donut store, we arrived at 8:30 PM and I thought we won't be able to buy donuts since there are too many people and the donuts might not last. Luckily, they are good enough to continue preparing donuts because of the long line.

My daughter and I bought a dozen of J. Co Donuts for Php 350. We bought the following 12 different flavors:

Donna Italiano
Sugar Ice
Crunchy Crunchy
Alcapone (J.Co's best seller)
Mr. Green Tea
Forest Glam
Funilla Glaze
Coco Loco
Choco Caviar Chocolate
Berry Spears

J. Co first opened in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2005 then expanded to Malaysia, Singapore, and then Shanghai. In March 2012, they opened their first branch in Manila, Philippines located in Megamall.

There are already 4 branches of J. Co here in the Philippines aside from Megamall, there's one in Greenbelt 3, Trinoma and in SM Mall of Asia where we bought our J. Co Donuts.

Price ranges at Php42 each, 1/2 dozen at Php230, 1 dozen for Php350 and for 2 dozen at Php550. There are also the cute little donuts which they call J. Pops it sells Php250 for 2 dozen.

J. Co also have J. Coffee, Cappucino: Hot and Iced, Basic, Frappe Cappucino, Latte, Delights and Frappe Delight -- I'm going to try Chocomint Frappe next.

Don't forget to try J. Co's J. Club Cheezyrich (it's a donut sandwich) at Php45 a piece.

I still have more donuts to taste like the following:

Jacky Chunk
Cheese Me up
Black Jack
Mona Pisa
Why Nut
Avocado Dicaprio
Heaven Berry
Blueberry More
Green Tease
Don Mochino

and coming soon: Copa Banana and Mango Blitz.

J. Co Donuts is not too sweet that you won't go for another piece but for J. Co it's mild and the taste is balance. I know that I can eat more than 1 donut.

This donuts is a must try, I suggest that you, Cute-rs taste these good smelling and tasty donuts, you won't regret it, Promise!


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