Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's Showtime 'Fliptop Controversy'

What a way to welcome "It's Showtime" 3rd Year Anniversary!

On one of the segment on "It's Showtime" Vice Ganda picked 2 guys from audience to perform in 'fliptop' or rap battle.

One of the boys unexpectedly rap words pertaining to the male genital and since "It's Showtime" is a live show, they cannot edit the part as it was a sudden slip of the mouth.

Here's the rap:

First guy:  "Di ka marunong mag-fliptop, meron akong laptop, etong piso, pambili ng lollipop."Second guy:  "Fliptop ka nang fliptop, ala ka naman laptop, subo mo na lang t--- ko, gawin mong lollipop."

As a consequence, the second guy was escorted out of the studio while the hosts apologized for the incident. The hosts also made sure that they reminded the two guys not to say bad or nasty words from the beginning. But still, the second guy did it.

This week marks "It's Showtime's" 3rd Year Anniversary. I wonder what will the MTRCB do about the incident. I hope the show will not get punished!


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