Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Heaven is Real!

...says neurosurgeon who claims to have visited the afterlife.

This is Dr. Eben Alexander he has taught at Harvard Medical School and has earned a strong reputation as a neurosurgeon.

In 2008, he fell into coma. This is when Dr. Alexander's neocortex ceased to function that he experienced  a life-changing visit to the afterlife, specifically heaven.

He said, "According to current medical understanding of the brain and mind, there is absolutely no way that I could have experienced even a dim and limited consciousness during my time in the coma, much less the hyper-vivid and completely coherent odyssey I underwent," 

At first Dr. Alexander found himself floating above the clouds. He saw "transparent, shimmering beings arced across the sky, leaving long, streamer like lines behind them."

He explained that he was accompanied by an unknown female. And a message was said to him.

It says,
"You are loved and cherished, dearly, forever."
"You have nothing to fear."
"There is nothing you can do wrong."

After his brief moment with an unknown female companion he then arrived at "an immense void, completely dark, infinite in size, yet also infinitely comforting.". Dr. Alexander believe that it's the home of God.

After a week, he recovered from his meningitis-induced coma and came back as a renewed man. He was hesitant at first to share his experience but then he found comfort in the walls of his church and decided to write a book about it. His book is entitled, "Proof of Heaven: A neurosurgeon's journey into the afterlife," which will be published late October.

Dr. Alexander last sentence was, "I'm still a doctor, and still a man of science every bit as much as I was before I had my experience, But on a deep level I'm very different from the person I was before, because I've caught a glimpse of this emerging picture of reality. And you can believe me when I tell you that it will be worth every bit of the work it will take us, and those who come after us, to get it right."

I believe him. I know there's heaven...the home of God.

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