Friday, October 12, 2012

Fancy Reading: Giant mystery eyeball found on South Florida Beach

Posing mystery for marine biologists is one huge eyeball.

Read below Cute-rs, this might interest you.

A giant eyeball presumably belonging to an enormous sea creature was found Wednesday on Pompano Beach in Florida.

But so far, the Florida Fish and Wild Conservation Commission isn't venturing a guess as to what kind of creature that might be.

Eyeball2"We're hoping to determine what kind, but at this point we just don't know," said Carli Segelson, a spokeswoman for the FWC.

The "mystery eyeball," as it's being referred to on the agency's Facebook page, is "larger than a baseball but smaller than a softball," Segelson said.

It's being preserved and will be delivered to the agency's research lab in St. Petersburg, where scientists will attempt to identify whether the eyeball belonged to a whale, a giant squid, or something else.

Hopefully, they'll also be able to venture a guess as to how it became dislodged.

~interesting...I am imagining the huge eyeball belonged to a giant unknown sea creature. Something that we never seen before.

Oh well, it's probably an eyeball of a giant squid or whale like they said.

Will keep you updated Cute-rs on who's eyeball is this.


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