Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Erwan Heussaff: the man who eats everything!

Good for him...

This guy is Erwan Heussaff. He's a brother to actress-model Solenn Heussaff and a boyfriend to Anne Curtis. Basically, he is best known as a foodie and a chef. BUT he does not want to be called a chef nor a foodie.

Erwan explained, “I’m not a chef. For me, a chef is someone that can really take the lead in the kitchen. Everyone who goes to cooking school, they don’t come out as a chef. I never went to culinary school, by the way,” 

“And I don’t like the term foodie… I’m someone that tries everything. I’ve never said no to anything at all,”

What Erwan wants to be known is "the man who insatiably tries and eats everything.”

Well, that is absolutely true. Erwan likes to travel and practically he never say no to any food at all. In his travels abroad, he likes to try from simple to exotic food.

“I’ve eaten goat testicles. It’s actually not bad if you don’t think about what it is. I’ve mistakenly eaten dog without knowing it because I was living in Shanghai for a bit and they just basically force-fed it to me,”

“[I’ve also eaten] cobra heart in Vietnam. I try all the fun things that are tied into a country’s culture.”

When asked what is his limitation he simple answered, “Nothing. I will eat anything. I will seriously eat anything.”

Definitely, Erwan has a passion for food, in fact he have a blog with title: “The Fat Kid Inside”. Erwan likes to visit newly opened restaurants and visit them multiple times to make it a point it's good.

“I’m a huge glutton. We actually shot the food video all in one day,” 

Erwan eats from posh restaurants to hole-in-the-wall joints. Like he said, he's a huge glutton!

If you are wondering about Erwan's favorite, it's all about simplicity. He likes potatoes -- A LOT!

“I have a big love for potatoes. Anything – mashed, fried, they’re my grandfather’s favorite. We just eat it boiled with some salt and butter. It’s just fantastic.” He said that he can eat potatoes for the rest of his life LOL!

He also has a good appetite for noodles, pancakes and waffles. -- talking about simple joys!

“I’m a huge noodle person. I used to live in Vietnam and it’s one of my favorite things,” 

“I think simple dishes are sexy. I think pancakes are sexy. I think waffles are sexy, like with whipped cream and maple syrup.”

With all those food, gluttony and everything, it's nice to know that Erwan is not actually gaining weight. Also I wonder how they are when Anne and Erwan is together. I bet, it's always food galore each time!



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