Friday, October 26, 2012

Daniel and Katerina's Dying Moments in "Walang Hanggan"

Who will die and who will survive tonight in "Walang Hanggan"?

This is the sad scene last night. There is Daniel and Katerina lie side by side after they are gunned down by Miguel.

The married couple are rushed to the hospital, where they appear dead after their vital signs flat line.

The bloodied couple hold hands as they are attended to inside the emergency room. Awww....this is so touching!

As the dramatic scenes unfolded during the penultimate episode of "Walang Hanggan," viewers of the show took to micro-blogging site Twitter to air their "hysteric" reactions.

Katerina looks at Daniel for the last time before she is seen dying. ='( This is really sad! OMG!!!

Catch "Walang Hanggan" finale tonight, after "Princess & I" in Prime Time Bida.


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