Thursday, October 11, 2012

Coming Up Next: Fringe, Revolution, Castle, The Walking Dead

Fringe 5x03
Teaser Humanitys Only Hope

Revolution 1x05
Promo Soul Train

Castle 5x04
Promo Murder, He Wrote 

The Walking Dead 3x01
Sneak Peek Seed

~as for my update on my TV series I'm so nailed on Fringe, I'm now on season 4 and I'm so thrilled to finish it.

So what's your favorite TV Series Cute-rs? I hope you too are watching Fringe. Btw, The Vampire Diaries is back on it's fourth season, and the thing is, Elena's now a vampire. Watch how she transform and how is she going to cope with that! Who will help her most, is it Damon or Stefan? (I'm actually vouching for Damon!)


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