Monday, October 01, 2012

Charice Pempengco's ouburst of emotions during X-Factor Elimination


Critics are now on Charice Pempengco's back. I read a lot of basher's messages on twitter. They hate Charice last Saturday night.

I didn't had the chance to watch to whole episode of X-Factor last Saturday but I saw a few scenes. And yes, Charice is emotional. She cried.

As I understand, 2 of Charice's bets went down to the bottom 2, and Allen Sta. Maria got eliminated. While on stage Sta. Maria and KZ Tandingan with mentor Charice cried. Charice said to Allen, “I won’t leave you Allen. I’m always here for you as a mentor, your friend.”

Charice then turned to the crowd who was laughing,  “I’m sorry, everybody should stop. This is not a joke, okay? I’ve been holding this for a long time and this is not a joke. Congratulations sa lahat ng nakapasok pero please, this is Allen,”

My initial reaction, switch to another channel I don't want to see more of Charice's emotional outburst.

And so I am right, I am not the only one who got pissed by Charice's little act. If you failed to watch X-Factor, log on to and watch it for yourself.



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