Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Coming up next: Elementary, Revenge, Beauty and the Beast, Revolution

Hey Cute-rs! What's up? Check out the upcoming TV series.

Elementary Season 1
Promo Biggest Mystery

"Elementary" is a new TV series. This stars  Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu. The story a modern Sherlock Holmes try to solve cases in New York City.

Air Date: Sept. 27, 2012

Revenge Season 2
Promo #3

 "Revenge" now on it's second season. The story centers on a woman who's motive is to get revenge!

Air Date: Spet. 30, 2012

Beauty and the Beast 1x01
Sneak Peek

"Beauty and the Beast " from the many series of the same title we wonder what else it can give us. Starring  Kristin Kreuk and Jason Deline. Ley's see how well this will go.

Air Date: Oct. 11, 2012

Revolution 1x02
Promo Chained Heat

A sci-fi TV series. Set in the future minus the electricity. Imagine yourself living in a world with electricity. What are you going to do?

Now on it's second episode. Air Date: Sept. 24, 2012

~Today is a great day. My daughter Shagne went to Philippine Normal University to compete for the Caricature Competition. She is with 2 of her classmates. She paid P250 to join that contest. As of this writing they are now on their way home. I don't know what news she brings but I'm so excited to hear it.

As I learned from her text message a while ago, after the competition they attended a seminar. I'm sure Shagne is so happy with her new experience. ッ

What else can I say for I had to lie to someone. Because I don't want to see her. Yes I can't tell that to her face because I don't want the anger to be permanent. I'm just giving my self a time to breath.

Besides I'm busy with my lovable life so why bother with people not worth it?

Until laters Cute-rs,

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