Monday, September 24, 2012

TV Pick: Fringe S02 E14-E15

Fringe has blown me away...again!

Fringe Season 2, Episode 14 – The Bishop Revival

An unseen killer targets a wedding with a toxin that targets specific individuals, and Walter discovers that the case may be tied to a branch on the Bishop family tree.

~it's just so interesting to more about the Bishop family Tree, how's Dr. Walter's father their works and experiments.

I have a question, when Dr. Walter Bishop almost died why was Peter not affected? 

Fringe Season 2, Episode 15 – Jacksonville

When the sole survivor of a building demolished by an earthquake in downtown Manhattan proves to be from the other Earth, Walter leads the team to Jacksonville, the source of a related experiment that he and William conducted years ago. Now only Olivia and the secrets of her past can prevent another catastrophe.

~one of the best of the best episode...I was stunned by the ending. I even watched it 3 times. We are now one step closer to more of Oliva's ability and uncovering the secret behind what's on the other side.

And Peter...he's not from here...



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