Sunday, September 16, 2012

TV Pick: Fringe S02 E03-E04

New Cases. Endless Impossibilities...

Fringe Season 2, Episode 03 – Fracture

Peter, Olivia, and Walter race against time to investigate the bombing of a train station. Walter discovers something unusual about the human remains.

~Cases in Fringe is complicated, questions after questions are popping out. I'm glad the Fringe Team is solid. I do hope Olivia gets to solve the mystery behind her travel from the 'other' world.

Fringe Season 2, Episode 04 – Momentum Deferred

Agent Dunham, still recovering from her traumatic visit to the alternate reality, is given a concoction by Walter to help her remember. Another woman being experimented on by Walter is introduced. Meanwhile the Fringe team look into a series of robberies that are linked to shapeshifting.

~Agent Charlie Francis is gone, at least his body is since the real Charlie is dead a few episode ago. Too bad, he's a good agent and friend to Olivia. "No two matter can occupy the same space."

A week had past, it was a great one and a productive one indeed! How about you Cute-rs?


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