Saturday, September 15, 2012

TV Pick: Fringe S02 E01-02

First episode has low impact on me. But I still love it!

Fringe Season 2, Episode 01 – A New Day in the Old Town

Olivia returns from the alternate reality and Peter tries to get information about her visit. Walter makes some custard for his son’s birthday, while Broyles deals with the threat of a government shutdown of the Fringe Division.

~I mentioned above that his has low impact on me. Well my attention is not full when I watched this, but I did understand what happened. New characters were introduced and Fringe Division was almost shut down. Btw, Peter is getting a grasp of his new career with his father, Walter. Good!

Fringe Season 2, Episode 02 – Night of Desirable Objects

The Fringe team travels to Pennsylvania to investigate an underground tunnel full of human remains. Meanwhile, Walter experiments using frogs to travel between realities.

~Agent Dunham, Peter Bishop and Dr. Walter Bishop is back on solving cases together! Cool!!! I also remembered, Olivia finally screamed more like a woman than an agent. Too bad, Olivia's friend, Charlie is dead. Our agent female here also developed a super hearing power. Hmmm...more like Superman's! Oh, and did I mentioned I like it when Peter is showing affection for his dad?

Until next time Cute-rs, I really enjoyed my night companion, The Fringe Team!


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