Wednesday, September 05, 2012

TV Pick: Fringe S01E07-08

"Fringe" never fail to amaze me...

Fringe Season 1, Episode 07 – In Which We Meet Mr. Jones

A genetically-engineered parasite mysteriously latches onto a FBI agent’s heart. Agent Dunham rushes to Germany to meet a prisoner for information about the threat they face.
 Fringe Season 1, Episode 08 – The Equation

Walter’s former bunkmate at the mental institute is linked to the abduction of a young musical prodigy by a serial kidnapper. Peter is concerned when Walter insists on going back to the mental institute to solve the case.
Amazing Fringe! Just simply amazing stories...

~The last time I watched "Fringe" was 3 days ago. I've been caught up in a training session with someone that I don't even know if she will learn. Or that training her will take effect. But let's see. I'm sacrificing "Fringe" and my favorite online game "Wonderland Online" for this new endeavor...LOL!


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