Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sarah Geronimo's mom fired make-up artist and stylist!

...or anyone that is close to Gerald Anderson or will make an 'alliance' with him for Sarah Geronimo.

A source said that anyone who's close to Gerald is expected to be fired by Sarah's mom, Divine Geronimo. “Yes totoo 'yan. Anyone na kakampi kay Gerald o ini-encourage si Sarah na lumaban, asahan mo, didispatsahin ni Divine! Everybody in Viva and ABS-CBN knows this as a fact.”

Pe Benito, Sarah's stylist for seven years confirmed, “Na-confirm ko lang after, when someone from Viva told me that it was a directive nga from the mom na kami daw ni Jing Monis, ‘wag na gamitin.”

Pe Benito is Sarah's stylist while Jing Monis is Sarah's make-up artist. Both served Sarah for seven years and have established good working relationship.

Despite the news Pe Benito denied the conspiracy between him and Gerald. “No, I don’t get to talk to Sarah about Gerald. Wala, wala. For me kasi, as far as I’m concerned, whatever will make her happy, go! ‘Di ba ganoon?”

“Kasi ano, blushing kami whenever sinasabi 'yong pangalan ni Gerald. Lahat kami parang ‘Oh my God!’ Parang ganoon. ‘Sige na, Sarah, dali na. Kung ayaw mo, amin na lang,’” 

Pe Benito however shared that “Sarah is the most secretive person in the world.”

“I kinda feel bad because she is a friend na din. The mom is a control freak eh. So gusto niya controlled niya lahat. She’s difficult. You can quote me on that! She is difficult in the sense that, ano, she likes to control things,”

~Well what can I say, I'm not surprised! It's just to sad that this kind of story is confirmed. 


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