Sunday, September 16, 2012

Resident Evil: Retribution -- the last full show!

Good movie, we liked it.

When we went to SM Mall of Asia yesterday we plan on doing a lot of things. But we scratch off 'watching Resident Evil: Retribution'. First, Shagne attended the "The Best of Anime 2012". Second, my hubby and I splurge on "The 33rd International Book Fair", where we bought my Harry Potter 5 & 6 and Shagne's Diary of a Wimpy Kid boxset 1-6.

We saw Lorax and took a picture with him. Cute~

As the day is ending we felt tired because our feet felt sore from all the walking. We passed by the Cinema ticket booth and decided to see if the last full show of  "Resident Evil: Retribution" still has available seats for us. Luckily, they still do. So at that very moment, we bought 3 tickets. (Oh and I thought we scratch that one off from our 'to do' list?, oh well!)

I like the movie, the fighting scenes are great. It was done perfectly. No dull moments here. So if you are planning to watch "Resident Evil: Retribution", go ahead, you won't regret it!

The picture below is me with Senator Loren Legarda, as we stroll the area we saw her and asked if she can pose a picture with me. She said yes.

To sum it up, my family and I had a fun-filled day yesterday. We did what we plan to do and it was really great.


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