Wednesday, September 26, 2012

PENSHOPPE Fan Conference 2012 with Zac Efron

Mark you calendar Cute-rs it's Sept, 29, 2012 7pm at SM Mall of Asia Arena

For those Cute-rs who are coming to Zac Efron's Fan Conference I suggest that you read the FAQ's below released by Penshoppe's official Facebook page.

What is a Fan Conference? Can I meet Zac Efron?
The Fan Conference is an event where fans can SEE a famous celebrity live such as Zac Efron. This is not a meet and greet where everyone attending can get to meet and have their photo taken with Zac.

How can I get a photo or a meet and greet with Zac Efron?
There will be a meet and greet opportunity for 30 fans. They will get to go up on stage, greet Zac and have their photo taken with him. These fans will be chosen via electronic raffle on the day of the event. All seat sections will be included in the raffle.

What is the difference between the ticket categories?
The difference between the ticket categories is the proximity or nearness to the stage. The General Admission seats are the farthest from the stage, while VIP seats occupy the first four sections of the venue.

Can VIP ticket holders meet Zac Efron?
The Fan Conference is NOT a meet and greet. Penshoppe cannot promise a meet and greet with Zac Efron for all VIP ticket holders. However, 30 fans can get to meet and greet Zac Efron on stage.

How can I get a backstage pass?
Only authorized personnel and event staff are allowed backstage.

Can I bring a camera to the event?
All kinds of still and video cameras including SLRs, professional video cameras, digital cameras and tripods are not allowed unless given express written consent by Penshoppe.

What time does the event start?
Gates open at 6PM. Winners for the meet and greet will be announced at 7:30 PM.

Can I bring banners to the event?
Big banners, posters and placards are not allowed as per MOA Arena policy.

Other items that are prohibited inside MOA Arena include:
  1. Laser pens and pointers
  2. Weapons and other sharp objects
  3. Candles, fireworks and any other kinds of pyrotechnics
  4. Glass/pet bottles, cans, hard plastic containers, etc. Illegal substances (drugs, alcoholic drinks)
  5. Chairs (any type except for wheelchairs)
  6. Large back/waist pack and bags will be subject to inspection
  7. Pregnant women and children should be accompanied by a companion
Can I bring food inside the venue?
Mall of Asia Arena does not allow food bought outside the venue to be brought inside the Arena. There are several food concessions inside the venue so attendees can eat before, during and after the show.

Can I go inside the Arena, reserve my seat and go back to the mall?
Re-entry is strictly prohibited as per MOA Arena policy.

Is Zac going to sing and dance at the Fan Conference? What is he going to do?
We prepared something special for all the fans so stay tuned!

Can I give a gift to Zac Efron?
We will assign an area at the Arena where gifts for Zac will be collected. We will give the gifts to Zac only if it passes the screening of the security team. Penshoppe will not be liable for the loss of any gifs/letters deposited in that area.

Is there a mall tour for Zac Efron? Other appearances?
The Fan Conference will be Zac’s only appearance in the Philippines.

When is Zac arriving? Can I meet him at the airport?
We cannot reveal the exact date and time Zac will arrive in the country due to security reasons.

I hope you guys enjoy meeting Zac :)


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