Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Kris Aquino revealed her contract restrictions!

Kris is not allowed to marry a politician...why? Her contract said so.

Legally, Kris Aquino is prohibited from marrying a government official. She revealed this to end speculations linking her to  Makati Mayor Jejomar Erwin “Junjun” Binay and Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero.

Kris said, “You’re not allowed to marry a politician ah, doon sa kontratang pinirmahan ko. It’s there,”

“Kasi kung ang asawa mo pulitiko, ‘yung binabayad sa’yo nung kumpanya, conjugal eh, shared ninyo, nung asawa mo na politician. So in effect, parang nase-swelduhan din nila ‘yung pulitiko,”

Kris just renewed her contract, she explains, “I just renewed two contracts na pumirma talaga ako ng warrant. With multinationals kasi, they’re very strict right now, na I’m not running in 2013,”

~Today is not so good a day. Three days ago I thought all will finally going to be well. But today, I doubt it.

My old assistant resigned last April. I thought she would reconsidered going back. But didn't! That made me almost lose my head since I got tons left to do. After a month or two I finally put all my work together. Then just last month, a new one want to apply. She's the sister of my old assistant. She is older and I thought that she will perform better. -- You know why, she told me she knew how to use the computer since she was an I.T. graduate!

To my dismay, that's not true! She did not say it directly but I knew. The work is computer related. So a basic knowledge of using a computer is a must. The worst, she don't even know how to use a mouse. Much much worst,she don't know how to copy-paste-drag-and click to a new tab! JEEZ!!!!

Here's what happened, yesterday, Monday, I started training her with her new job. The one that her sister left. I was really excited 'coz I knew we will be able to accomplish more work. Today, her second day of training I got a little frustrated. She is not paying attention, not listening well and it seems that she is not interested in the job, the worst part, she don't even know how to use the computer. Except for chatting! -- that is so lame! Jeez, that's the last feeling I want to feel right now -- disappointed!

I wished she just told me the truth.

The thing is, the job is not difficult. It's very easy to learn. It's basic computer handling, as easy as copy-and-paste type of job.

At this point, I pray for more patience on my part, because training her is NOT easy. I hate to admit this, but I suddenly miss her sister terribly.


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