Thursday, September 27, 2012

Justin Bieber's 6-year old fan died!

Justin Bieber mourns the loss of his biggest fan, 6-year-old Avalanna Routh.

Justin tweets one of the saddest news..."just got the worst news ever, one of the greatest spirits i have ever known is gone. please pray for her family and for her. …  RIP Avalanna. i love you"

Avalanna Roth, a 6-year-old Justin Bieber fan whom Justin calls Mrs. Bieber passed away Wednesday morning after battling with a rare form of cancer called AT/RT since infancy.

Last February, thanks to Facebook campaign, Avalanna's wished came true. She and and her family came to New York City to visit with her idol, Justin Bieber. They spent nearly two hours playing Candy Land, autographing each other's hands and even exchanging playful kisses on the cheek.

Avalanna's mom is happy and grateful for Justin's interaction with with her daughter. She said, Justin is such a charming person and made Avalanna's dream came true. 

Awww...such a sad news... =(


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