Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jessica Sanchez a Filipino Pride or Not?

"She's proud to be Filipino and I'm proud about that" -- Jessica Sanchez' mother.

Charice Pempengco's manager Courtney Blooding is flooding her twitter account with her doubts about Jessica being "part of Filipino pride".

The following are Blooding tweets:
  • Ok, I have a legit question. I am not trying to judge or anything, I just want to know.
  • Here is the question...why do the Philippines claim Jessica Sanchez? Jessica was born an raised in the US. I don't THINK she speaks tagalog.
  • Which, to me, makes her true American. How many people in the US come from mixed cultural backgrounds? We r a melting pot.
  • AND I just read that this concert is her first ever trip to the Philippines....
  • Isn't a Filipino passport kind of a big indication of citizenship and a lack of one a big indication of no citizenship?
  • If only the people of the Philippines would stop looking elsewhere and focus on local things, maybe they could see the value of many of the great people and resources there. Many great things and people there. It's just a group mentality that it's not good enough.
  • It's kind of a turn off to a foreigner such as myself cuz it can come across as ungrateful for the talent and resources god gave.
On Jessica Sanchez' defense her mother Editha said, "I'm Filipino, she's half Filipino, half Mexican. But she's closer to my family than she is with her dad's family. She's growing up in more of a Filipino culture than a Mexican culture. She's proud to be Filipino and I'm proud about that,"

As for Jessica being part of Filipino Pride wherein Blooding is questioning, she said, "Oh my gosh! I think, to me, it's unfortunate that it's negative. But it's awesome that it's Charice. She's amazing and Jessica thinks she's amazing,"
For whatever it cost, Jessica has no ill feelings towards Charice. "It is a privilege to be compared to Charice. It is unfortunate that what's coming out is a little negative but it's awesome because we look up to Charice, we know about her. She's a great singer. You don't find a lot of singers like that,"

But what's really bothering Blooding is how Filipinos claimed Charice after her success in the US. "It's not really at Charice's expense...I mean there is room for everyone an people will love or hate no matter what. But I just think it's kind of wrong to say Jessica is part of Filipino pride when she is American before anything else."

"And the more I think about it, I start to get insulted on many levels. Ph can't claim something that is made in USA. And they only wanted to claim Charice after people in the USA put value in her. It's wrong for both singers. Sorry, I'm just feeling a bit indignant about the situation,"

~Well what can I say, the more the merrier! Let us not over-react, over-claimed nor ignore such talent. What ever it is I think both singers are excellent in their field and as long as they claim they are Filipinos -- they are Filipinos.

Have an awesome day Cute-rs!


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